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Denese Schellink

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Lives in Santa Barbara, CA
Simply Sacred

......sacred connections spiritual guidance, in a simple way.  
  Deep within you is a vast awareness of the all knowing.  There is a present within you that is sacred, holy, and beautiful.   This presence is ready to radiate through you and out into the world if you will let it.   This presence is you, awakened. 

When we are present to whatever life brings us, we can know what both the fullness and the fulfillment of life means and move forward without pain and struggle.   We can learn and grow from our changing environment and life circumstances, or we can resist what is and create an internal pain and struggle.   

It is when we finally realize that the Spirit within is our own very self, that life takes on a whole new meaning.    Remember, change is inevitable, but growth is optional.  
                                                                                     In joy, Denese