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   Denese Schellink

Welcome to the website for Simply Sacred Connections.      I am really grateful you are here and want to invite you  feel a sense of spaciousness and calmness, and to just take a moment to breathe.   Just be present.

It has been my experience  that consciously holding present moment awareness plants seeds of peace and compassion that can melt heartache and hardship in ourselves, and in those we meet.   As we move through our experience of the world in this manner, harmony is restored in our wake because present moment awareness radiates directly from our source. 

What I know is that personal peace, inner peace, is not given to us by others--it arises through our connection to something within us,  from a centered place.  I can teach you to easily access this.

In all of my services:  coaching, speaking, officiating, and teaching,  I love to  bring a rich sense of spirituality and authenticity to them  all.    I honor the many paths to the One Presence.  So I focus on spirituality and authenticity,  not religion.  

I would love to connect with you in some way.  Please send me a note at
or call me directly at  805 708-7345

With Great Joy..........................................Denese

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