October 2013
Dear Denese and Joan:
Your combined Be Peace and Mediation Session with me last Saturday via phone was truly amazing!  As a result of the excellent deep listening skills and caring presence shared in practicing both the Be Peace method as well as demonstrating expert mediation skills with me including some very sensitive role playing, I felt greatly validated and empowered to move beyond a highly emotional situation in my personal life in a much more loving and peaceful way than I might have been otherwise able to accomplish by myself.  Your gentle yet effective and highly intuitive approach was very much appreciated.  I would definitely recommend the Be Peace practice and complementary mediation process to anyone in need of personal healing and/or significant conflict resolution which is applicable to all different situations in one's life.  Best regards to you both and look forward to seeing you in early December at USF!

Fran, San Francisco

Thanks Denese and Joan! After one phone session with you I was able to communicate some sensitive subjects with my roommates in a much more heart-centered manner, which seemed much more effective to resolve some current house issues than my traditional approach. More importantly, I felt much better about myself and the way I approached the situation, which definitely helped boost my current self-esteem. Based on this immediate success, I am excited to continue on with the Be Peace process!
Bee, San Francisco     October 2013


"I would like to thank you for your special and enlightening coaching session in September. Your very peaceful and calm nature made me relax and think about my life challenges.I enjoyed you being very specific which help me focus on one issue at a time. I felt our time together was helpful in that I gathered clarity of the problem and left with direction to the next step of healing. I look forward to continued sessions with you".          Linda Higgins---(Founder of Engaged Student Learning)  Mohamet, Illinois September 2010

"Having Denese and Larry Schellink perform our wedding ceremony made the day truly personal and special. They guided us through the entire process, and, on the day of our wedding, officiated with genuine kindness, warmth and open hearts. Between the sacredness of being married outdoors among the tall pine trees, the meaningful readings and vows, and the celebratory leadership of our ministers, it was a blessed day that still makes me smile and feel grateful."
--Rose Mary Ottman, South Lake Tahoe, May 2004

"For anyone on a spiritual path, I highly recommend Denese Schellink’s spiritual guidance coaching.  Her “Simply Sacred” process is very different from other styles of coaching, with a focus on experiential learning about how to invoke Divine Guidance any time, any place.  In one session, I felt empowered by an incredible shift in my belief system about my abilities to overcome obstacles.  I learned a repeatable process that I can use over and over again to cement this new belief, and when new challenges arise.  As with the old saying, “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish he eats for a lifetime,” I feel like Denese just fed me for a lifetime."
-- Lori Hermann, Sacramento, mother and participant in Rite of Passage for teens."  October 2010

"A Powerful Hour!  I came to Denese to work out some spiritual dilemmas and Denese worked with me using a process that she had developed.  Within a short time my scattered issues came together in a recognizable pattern.  She used her skills as a minister to bring in prayer and meditation, then used her expertise in Be Peace (heart math combined with nonviolent communication) to tease out the feelings and needs.  Then she brought me into a visualization process whereby I could bring forth a new experience.  After that she did the Oneness Blessing and lastly, she had me verbalize an affirmation and she shared with me what she had visualized for me.  We ended in prayer and I felt very uplifted and hopeful about my situation.  Thank you Denese!"
----  Karene Piccollo,  Retreat Facilitator & Teacher, Elk Grove of Piccolo Pasteurs, July 2010. 

"For me, dealing with my own anger is like riding on a carousel that barrels along so fast I can’t get off.  So often pride and fear announce that if I slow or jump, I forfeit everything and land in the dust. Yet, to open my thoughts to inquiry is to open them to revelation, peace and laughter. But sometimes I really need help with this. I am so grateful to acknowledge the help that is available through others blessed with the skill to guide the mind inward. Denese Schellink is such a person. Talking with Denese is like being able to jump off that wheel of negativity and land in a safe place, in loving arms.  An hour with Denese on the phone -or even better via Skype-will get you in touch with your deepest self, the Divine. How great a gift is that?" Sincerely -- Claudia Conlon, Wittman, Maryland,  July 2010  (skype connection)

"I want to thank you for everything you did for me and my family after the loss of my mother. I appreciate you taking time with me prior to our memorial gathering and listening to my concerns and feelings. You made me feel at ease with some difficult decisions I had to make. After talking with you, my fears and apprehensions about "doing the right thing" went away. It was comforting to know that whatever I decided to do for me and my mom and my family was the right thing for us. You were absolutely right! You listened to everything I said and the ceremony could not have been more perfect. It was simple and personal and my mom watched us as we honored her. She was pleased.  Thank you again. With much love and respect,  Barbara Doty, Fitness Trainer, Elk Grove,  October 2010

Simply Sacred